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Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Roof!

We had had some harsh weather this spring and we noticed some damage and missing shingles on our roof.

We had an insurance adjuster come and look at it and found that it needed to be replaced so Tuesday was the day it was done.

The crew came and in a matter of about 90 minutes they had the old roof all off.

I'm not sure how many came to work but they told us they could do this in a day.

They didn't quite make it in a day. After the old roof was gone, all of the crew left but two who stayed to put the new roof on.

Here's the finished product. I really like the new sculpted look of shingles. It was supposed to be a gray but it matches the green accents on the house. We're happy about it!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two weeks of fun with grandchildren!

The past three weeks we have been able to see all of our children and grandchildren! What a blessing. Kevin took some scouts up on a hike in NC and so Bonnie and the children came here for a few days.

When that happens, all of the kids get together for a lot of fun and Grandma is usually in the middle of it!

They had a ton of fun just running around the yard, chalk drawing and bubble blowing.

They had a ball doing some box sledding down the steep part of our hill.

The top of the week included a trip to the water slides at the park up the street! It's so neat to have all of the kids get along so well and really enjoy each other!

Blessings and Bishops

We have had two big family events this past month! First, the reason we went to Utah was to meet baby Victoria and be there for her blessing.

She really is a beautiful baby and Caprise got her a blessing dress that made her look like a little princess, complete with hair bows and satin shoes. (Adam does not like the hair bows).

Here is mom and dad with Victoria on her blessing day. She really has them wound around her cute little finger.

Of course, we also loved spending time with Todd, Amanda and Caleb and had a lot of fun with them.

We truly had a wonderful week and wish we could come to Utah more often to spend time with them.

In getting caught up with my blog, I saved the biggest news for last. We took an unexpected trip to Florida two days after Bonnie and the children went home.

Kevin was called and sustained July 3 to be the new Bishop of his ward. I wish I had taken a picture of him in his suit. We went down so Michael could ordain him a high priest and be there. It was a really spiritual day. We could literally see him transform into Bishop's mode and is ready to jump in. I know their little family will be blessed.

Hiking in Utah!

We took a day trip to hike the Grotto trail in the Payson canyon that crisscrosses a creek and leads to a beautiful waterfall.

It wasn't a hard hike but just so beautiful.

Little Victoria was along for the ride and seemed to really enjoy herself!

Here is one of the scenery pictures that I took that gives you an idea of the beauty.

Are they not just the cutest little family!

Caleb was prepared for the hike and did really well walking across the bridges to the falls.

I guess it is called a grotto because of the enclosure.

Caleb loved exploring around the water.

After the falls, we went up into the mountains to a lookout where we are with Mt. Nebo in the background.

Camping in Utah

Because of a lot of time with family, I am behind on blogging. We went to Utah the middle of June and Caprise found us a great state park near Manti with a lake to go camping. It was just a gorgeous day and we enjoyed 75 degree weather the whole week.

Little Victoria was a real trooper and did just fine being cuddled and loved in the shade with grandpa.

Of course, Grandma had to hold her just as much as possible!

We rented a canoe and Caleb just loved being out in the water. Michael and I spent an hour going all over the lake which was stunning but unfortunately I got a terrible sunburn from the water reflection.

Caleb had a lot of fun with floaties wading in the water.

It was so much fun to spend time with little Caleb who would try anything and was so talkative.