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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Potato towers and the Garden comes to Life

Last fall I planted some garlic and have seen 2-3 coming up!

Our Bartlet Pear trees are probably at their peak in bloom.

I love this stuff - it's mushroom compost that we get from a local garden center that is wonderful to use in our beds.

We are trying out a new way to grow potatoes in these towers. You have to get the right varieties of potatoes that grow throughout the season (I have red Pontiac and Binjte) but basically as the potatoes grow, you mulch them throughout the season and add more sides to the towers. They can still be growing and setting potatoes while you take the bottom planks out to get some potatoes for dinner.

We also did a raised bed in potatoes that I plan on piling up the mulch as they grow. Fresh potatoes are the best to eat! So much different than what you buy in the stores!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tube plants 12 days apart

On February 26 we redid our hydroponic tubes and put in some very small plants in with a trickle of nutrients.

Here are those plants two weeks later.

They have more than tripled in size. . . in 12 days.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Floating lettuce and container update

Here is the picture I took when I put the lettuce in the floating bed on February 26.

Here is the same floating bed of lettuce on March 10 - 12 days later!

Here are the containers of carrots, radishes and beets on February 26th.

Here are those same containers (in backwards order) 12 days later!

I think we are on to something with our greenhouse crops!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

See anything different?

Do you notice anything different about these two pictures? This is what I see when I open the door to the deck or am out in the garden. I love our view from our home. The first one was taken in 2004 before we built our newer raised beds.

I took this picture this morning.

See it yet? I was working yesterday and heard our neighbors across the pond start up some bulldozer equipment. All of a sudden, I thought I felt a light earthquake. I went outside and saw that the tree just on the other side of our fence had been taken down. Actually they took out two other trees, one on the other side of the pond and one by their barn. It sure opens up our view. But, I will miss the tree. It was home to a lot of songbirds in the spring and we enjoying watching the cardinals and mockingbirds come and go! We have a couple of pin oaks that are about 8 feet tall but it will take them a lot of years to take the place of the other tree!