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Saturday, November 28, 2009

2009 Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving with a lot of great turkey!

Michael and I were able to make a quick trip down to Albertson, NC, where Michael was raised to see family there.

Pat and Him were at the old homeplace living there from Utah for a few months.

Pat did us all proud with a lot of wonderful food!

Their youngest daughter, Janelle came from Fayetteville with her two guys, Lane and Cole. Her husband is in Afghanistan but will get to visit at Christmas.

Eleanor had her boys over on Sunday for their big dinner as Alan had to work and the others went to in-laws so she came over for a great meal!

Janelle has a beautiful chocolate lab named Thunder! He lives up to his name but is a good dog, but really big!

Jim as always was a wonderful host and we had a lot of great visiting!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Circ de Soleil - Allegria!

Last week Michael and I had a fun night out going to see Circ de Soleil at the BiLo Center in Greenville. Michael was able to get discount tickets through the school and we took them up on it for a date night!
Their show was called Alegria - A baroque ode to the energy, grace and power
of youth.
After all of the years of watching them on TV, this year we got to see them in person TWICE! We saw their Beatles Love program in Las Vegas. This troupe was a lot smaller than that group but I think they may have done more acrobatics at this show.

It was wonderful and we sat spellbound for 2 1/2 hours. We were on the side, on the first row in the balcony so we are about even with those doing the high things and it was a neat perspective. What a fun night!

Canning turkey

When turkey is .40 a pound, it's time to stock up! This is the week to do
it. I was able to get two 23 pound turkeys. It's so easy to can turkey and
the meat is wonderfully moist and so tasty in casseroles or many dishes
calling for chicken. At .40 a pound, a pint costs me about .75!

Here is how:

You thaw the turkey.
Pressure can it whole for about an hour.
Let the canner cool and get out the turkey and debone it.
Fill the jars with turkey and use the broth for the liquid.
Add 1/2 t. salt for each jar.
Boil the lids and screw on the lids. Can for 75 minutes for pints of 90
minutes for quarts. Walla, you have canned turkey.

I had cooked up a bunch of collards from the garden on Saturday so I decided
to can those as well.

I love canning and seeing the fruits of the labor. I think it's beautiful.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New plants we are trying out in the fall garden

I thought I'd show how some of our fall plants are doing. Of course we still have other things but these are the new things we're trying out this fall! Here's how our carrots are coming along. This is the first carrot patch we've ever had so I'm excited. They should be ready in another month.

Another new plant we're growing is Brussel sprouts. I have about five plants and the sprouts are starting to form!

I'm shocked at how many collards are produced by about five plants!

We also planted a couple of Chinese cabbages.

and a purple cabbage.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


When we did our grading for our raised beds and the greenhouse, we had such a change in elevation that we put in a retaining wall. Michael had the wonderful idea of putting in a narrow raised bed and strawberries in it. That way, we can stand up and pick the berries! Since fall is the time to plant the berries, we stopped work on the greenhouse to build our raised beds.

We found a wonderful place to get mushroom compost to use along with some peat moss and vermiculite to make the soil. I love this stuff and plan to compost raised beds when we put them to bed for the winter.

Michael used his geometry to figure out how much from each bag of vermiculite and peat moss we needed to mix the soil. My job was to bring the buckets of mushroom compost from the truck to the wheelbarrow where Michael would mix it all.

I placed newspaper as a barrier to the ground to smother any grass. Here's the mix as we put it into the beds.

We used two wheelbarrow fulls of mixture for each bed and then we mixed up two other batches to make sure they were all full.

After I wet down the beds, I went and got some strawberry runners to transplant.

Now I have to finish cleaning out the rest of the strawberry beds. They are really prolific and it's a lot of work to clean them out.

Thank goodness the soil is very loose so I can pull them up pretty easy. It's hard to take all of these beautiful plants to the compost pile! I have given away some plants to anyone that wanted them.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida made a visit!

One thing about living in the upstate part of South Carolina, we don't get full impact of hurricanes that hit the coast, but we do get the rain. We can get rain from hurricanes either from the gulf or the Atlantic.

Ida is very late for a hurricane this time of year. It hit landfall in Alabama and then quickly came for a visit.

Because of another low, it kind of stalled and stayed with us longer than we were first told. In total, from Tuesday to Thursday morning, we got about 4 1/2" of rain. This pond does have a little dock but it's underwater.

By today, Thursday, the skies are starting to clear and the rain is stopping.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Spartanburg Trunk or Treat

Here is a compilation of our ward's goblins at the trunk or treat!