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Monday, November 23, 2009

Canning turkey

When turkey is .40 a pound, it's time to stock up! This is the week to do
it. I was able to get two 23 pound turkeys. It's so easy to can turkey and
the meat is wonderfully moist and so tasty in casseroles or many dishes
calling for chicken. At .40 a pound, a pint costs me about .75!

Here is how:

You thaw the turkey.
Pressure can it whole for about an hour.
Let the canner cool and get out the turkey and debone it.
Fill the jars with turkey and use the broth for the liquid.
Add 1/2 t. salt for each jar.
Boil the lids and screw on the lids. Can for 75 minutes for pints of 90
minutes for quarts. Walla, you have canned turkey.

I had cooked up a bunch of collards from the garden on Saturday so I decided
to can those as well.

I love canning and seeing the fruits of the labor. I think it's beautiful.

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