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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Office Shelves

Michael started some shelves for my office about two years ago but other projects kept pushing it back and keeping them from getting finished. For Christmas this year, I asked that he get them finished. . . and he did!

He made me two hutches and a media shelf.

Of course, that meant unpacking things. I had books and media all over the house.

It took two days to go through it all but I downsized what we had and got rid of as much as I kept.

Michael did an excellent job. Most of our home has Harper Provincial furniture style. He uses oak and a stain we really like. Here is the end result. It really looks neat and easy to find books.

Now to clean and organize the other half of the office!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Crawfish is a Russian delicacy

We recently went on a temple trip with Ryan and Sveta and afterwards went to a Chinese Buffet. Sveta got very excited seeing crawfish on the buffet. Evidently, they are a delicacy in Russian and one of her favorite foods. She showed us how to actually eat them.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wall of family

With all of the family here and the wedding, I decided it was time to do some major updating of my family picture wall so that has been my project last week. In doing this, I realized that I never had put up a wedding picture of either Adam and Caprise or Todd and Amanda so it really was time to fix that! I now have everyone's wedding picture up.

I love how you can print up big pictures at Sam's for not much money. We had some outdoor photos done of the family and temple pictures. We also had an outdoor photo of each family and they all turned out great!

This is the big family wedding picture!