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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Flowers Coming Out!

It's always fun to see flowers starting to bloom in my flower beds after they have been cleaned out.
I will never be the gardener my mother was and have flowers like she did but I guess that I am an emotional gardener. I planted this Clemantis remembering my mother had planted several of them beside our garage and patio. I am in awe at how pretty it is right now.

Another plant my mother loved was called a bleeding heart. Here is the one that I have. This is the third year I've kept it alive!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Azalea's blooms!

Our Azalea bush seems to bloom later than most in our area. It's been just buds for the longest time but I just went outside and . . . wow!
I just had to go and get the camera!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good cat . . . but I hate mice!

I have always had an aversion to mice. I can handle seeing spiders or bugs, even a snake. . . but the sight of a mouse makes me shriek and run in a panic. Luckily since we moved in our home seven years ago, we've only had one make it into the house (through an open door) . . . until today. I came into the kitchen and heard the cat meow. I looked down and there on the rug, was a dead, partially eaten mouse! Yuck!!!! There was our cat acting so proud of himself for being a mighty hunter. I'm not sure if the mouse was in the house somehow or he brought it in to me to show off. I didn't give him the response he wanted. I ran from the kitchen but can't get help! Michael is gone to San Francisco until Sunday night. There was the mouse on the rug at least. After about ten minutes, I got up the courage to go back into the kitchen and pulled the rug over the mouse. Michael then Skyped with me and I told him how ironic it was that he was gone while his cat was the hero and he couldn't get the remains out of the house. After we talked, I got up the courage and wrapped up the rest of the rug up and quickly took it out and dumped it over the deck.

So with my aversion, that is my courageous story for the day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day 2009

We had a very nice Easter this year. Church was very good. We had three great Easter talks. Michael sang a beautiful arrangement of I Stand All Amazed. I love the spirit of Easter and miracle and charity of the Atonement.

After church, we went to have Easter Dinner at Eric and Tracy's. Ryan, Josie and Tracy's parents were also there.

Everything was delicious and the children enjoyed the day at their own table.
Haily is so cute and is growing up so fast!
This was a picture from our house over General Conference Weekend. It's a great picture with Grandpa and his grandchildren - Ethan, Sydney and Haily.

The latest Grandchild update!

Todd and Amanda are doing great as new parents of three weeks. Little Caleb is thriving under their love and care. Here's the latest Todd and Amanda Harper Family picture!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Starting Seedlings

It's that time of year. I had hoped to have had our greenhouse ready to start some seedlings but it's not put together yet. I read from Burpee seeds that a $50 investment in a garden will yield $1250 of produce. Not a bad way to save money (along with exercising in the garden.)

We plan to expand our garden this year. I also want to save money on getting it started and I read a great blog on how to use newspaper to start seeds! It's a great idea and very easy for my limited creation skills but we'll see how they go. You can get instructions here:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cleaning out the Strawberry raised beds

Boy, what a job I have ahead at the beginning of Spring! But, the lure of strawberries makes it worth it!

We actually added three more strawberry beds and three cane berry beds last fall. We heavily mulched things but I guess the winter was too much for it!

After working about an hour a day for five days, I think I beat the weeds!

See the blooms. . . I can already taste the strawberries! Now, we did have a full week of much needed rain so I'll have to be vigilent!

Teaching about Food Storage

I really don't mind teaching on how to use food storage. . . I know it's important, especially at this time. Michael is my great cook while I teach and we've done this several times and hopefully get families excited about getting and using their food storage! We can't travel there in the car but have to take the van. It sure is a big job to take everything there to give people a chance to see and taste foods we prepare! I feel like I moved my Kitchen and storage to the church!