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Friday, April 3, 2009

Cleaning out the Strawberry raised beds

Boy, what a job I have ahead at the beginning of Spring! But, the lure of strawberries makes it worth it!

We actually added three more strawberry beds and three cane berry beds last fall. We heavily mulched things but I guess the winter was too much for it!

After working about an hour a day for five days, I think I beat the weeds!

See the blooms. . . I can already taste the strawberries! Now, we did have a full week of much needed rain so I'll have to be vigilent!


  1. I dream of having a garden like yours Linda! This cracks me up because just today we bought a few strawberry plants for Leila and I to put in a pot. One little pot... at least we can get a good deal for them out on the farms near by!