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Friday, April 17, 2009

Good cat . . . but I hate mice!

I have always had an aversion to mice. I can handle seeing spiders or bugs, even a snake. . . but the sight of a mouse makes me shriek and run in a panic. Luckily since we moved in our home seven years ago, we've only had one make it into the house (through an open door) . . . until today. I came into the kitchen and heard the cat meow. I looked down and there on the rug, was a dead, partially eaten mouse! Yuck!!!! There was our cat acting so proud of himself for being a mighty hunter. I'm not sure if the mouse was in the house somehow or he brought it in to me to show off. I didn't give him the response he wanted. I ran from the kitchen but can't get help! Michael is gone to San Francisco until Sunday night. There was the mouse on the rug at least. After about ten minutes, I got up the courage to go back into the kitchen and pulled the rug over the mouse. Michael then Skyped with me and I told him how ironic it was that he was gone while his cat was the hero and he couldn't get the remains out of the house. After we talked, I got up the courage and wrapped up the rest of the rug up and quickly took it out and dumped it over the deck.

So with my aversion, that is my courageous story for the day!


  1. Yecch! I'm not a fan of mice myself. I'm so proud of you for getting it out of the house all by yourself! :) Our cat has brought a few dead ones in the house (she even set one on the bed one time, but that's another story) and also a live bird.

  2. Wow, I think you feel about mice the way I do about spiders. If Richard was away and I saw a scary spider in my house, I'd get a hotel room until he got home and assured me the house was again spider free. Way to go facing your fears and taking care of situation! I am so proud!

  3. EEK! You have alot more courage then me! I would of screamed, ran out of the house and called my dad or someone to take care of it.

  4. Way to face your fears head on!