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Thursday, March 3, 2011

See anything different?

Do you notice anything different about these two pictures? This is what I see when I open the door to the deck or am out in the garden. I love our view from our home. The first one was taken in 2004 before we built our newer raised beds.

I took this picture this morning.

See it yet? I was working yesterday and heard our neighbors across the pond start up some bulldozer equipment. All of a sudden, I thought I felt a light earthquake. I went outside and saw that the tree just on the other side of our fence had been taken down. Actually they took out two other trees, one on the other side of the pond and one by their barn. It sure opens up our view. But, I will miss the tree. It was home to a lot of songbirds in the spring and we enjoying watching the cardinals and mockingbirds come and go! We have a couple of pin oaks that are about 8 feet tall but it will take them a lot of years to take the place of the other tree!

1 comment:

  1. How sad! Do you know why they knocked it over?