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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Potato towers and the Garden comes to Life

Last fall I planted some garlic and have seen 2-3 coming up!

Our Bartlet Pear trees are probably at their peak in bloom.

I love this stuff - it's mushroom compost that we get from a local garden center that is wonderful to use in our beds.

We are trying out a new way to grow potatoes in these towers. You have to get the right varieties of potatoes that grow throughout the season (I have red Pontiac and Binjte) but basically as the potatoes grow, you mulch them throughout the season and add more sides to the towers. They can still be growing and setting potatoes while you take the bottom planks out to get some potatoes for dinner.

We also did a raised bed in potatoes that I plan on piling up the mulch as they grow. Fresh potatoes are the best to eat! So much different than what you buy in the stores!

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  1. Thanks for the potato tower directions. We're really excited about growing potatoes this year or next (although I love potatoes way too much!)