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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Garden and Greenhouse progress!

It's time to get caught back up on our backyard project! We've had a week of rainy days so it's been kind of muddy in the greenhouse area but with all of the mulch, I've been able to get into the garden.

We're ready to put on the roof of the storage building side of the greenhouse. The big poles are for the supports for the ribs of the greenhouse!

I've also got a fall garden going so our raised beds are still all full. These are the broccoli and brussel sprouts that I started in July. The broccoli is just starting to head up but it all looks beautiful. Behind them is a bed that still is producing a lot of peppers of various kinds and eggplant.

These are collards in another bed that includes a little lettuce and Swiss chard. Besides them are also several types of cabbage. They are best eaten after a frost so we'll be eating them later this fall.

We've also started peas and carrots. Usually in the red clay soil and heat they are hard to grow here in SC but with the raised beds, we should have some carrots without problems and with a fall garden, it's cooler for the peas. There are really a lot of crops you can plant in the fall. We just started picking a new crop of green beans.

Here are our sweet peas with edible pods. The rain was great for what I had planted including cauliflower, onions, and asparagus.

I've started some more seedlings to put out as soon as we have a little bit more room in the garden and maybe for the greenhouse! Boy we've enjoyed the garden and with the greenhouse we should have fresh vegetables year round!

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