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Sunday, June 13, 2010

All of the cousins!

Kevin had a canoe trip last week so Bonnie bravely drove up for a visit and a canning frenzy! I hope she got a little rest!
It was so much fun to see little Katie and how much she has grown. She loved being around people and was just so cute. She stands and is almost ready to walk. She screamed with delight as she chased the cats around.

Ethan lost a tooth while he was here, his second front tooth!
Here's all of my precious girls! They had a blast together. They got to try out the new water slide park up the street.
We had to put up a gate for Katie but the kids loved playing downstairs. The week flew by.

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  1. Too bad we miss all the fun! I wonder if Caleb will make the connections between the people he sees in pictures and his actual cousins next time we make it out there.