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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our new stove!

I thought we were buying a great stove when we built our house. However, after nine years and four service calls, our oven went out yet again around Easter. I don't use it as much in the heat, and I put my toaster oven in the garage to do minimal baking. Finally, I had enough.

I love our gas stove and the convection oven that it had (when it worked). With just the two of us at home, I noticed that you can get double ovens so you can use a smaller one when needed and not heat up the larger oven. That's what I wanted!!! I found it also had the convection oven and the stove top had various sizes for burners (even a fifth one in the middle to keep things warm or melt chocolate (who wouldn't want to do that!

My problem was that it is more expensive than what I wanted to pay. Fortunately, I found a great deal online which was much cheaper than buying it at Lowe's. It arrived on Wednesday and Michael went to work to get it installed and the old one out. He carefully took it out of the cardboard (he wants to use it for target practice).

After moving the old one out of the way, and cleaning the grungy stuff on the floor underneath the old one, he was ready to set it all up!

Now, we have a new stove in place! We put my old stove downstairs (the top still works) and hopefully in the winter months, we can make me a canning kitchen downstairs! When we built the house we plumbed for a sink and I think now is the time to set it up to use!

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  1. Sound great! I like the idea of putting the old stove to use. Faye has a downstairs kitchen now and I'm sure she'll be canning a few things down there after the mission.