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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dad's funeral

Dad's funeral was beautiful. All of us kids and spouses participated. We had a viewing beforehand and made up a table of his life interests and pictures and then had a slideshow of pictures of his life.

LaDonna gave the eulogy, Renetta gave a talk what is a dad, Rich talked about dad's example in life, Michael sung while I played. Brad Richardson, the Stake President and lifelong friend was the final speaker. Dad served as the ward clerk for Brad when he was Bishop (Dad was 85-90 at the time). Brad surprised us with a recording of his father singing mom and dad's favorite song The Holy City. His father was was wonderful tenor voice and listening to that brought back a lot of emotion.

Bishop Hitchcock was wonderful working with the family.

I loved the top of the vault for dad's coffin. It had the angel Moronion it. Their headstone has the Salt Lake Temple on it and they are buried in an LDS section of the cemetery with a beautiful mural of the temple.

Grandson's or granddaughter spouses and one great grandson were the pall bearers.

Mom and Dad have a beautiful spot under a tree. It's on a hill and you can see all over the Willamette Valley.

Here is a picture of the grandchildren and spouses who attended the funeral.

Then we added in great grandchildren. They called dad "Grandpa Great."

Finally, here is a family picture at the cemetery.

I took a pine cone from the tree to place with the pine cone I took when we visited mom's grave several year's ago. Rest in peace Mom and Dad until the resurrection!

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