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Sunday, October 2, 2011

September catch up!

I have been going to blog several times this month but it's been a hectic month and "stuff" got in the way so I'm playing catch up.

Our "princess Haily" turned 4 on September 14. They have a wonderful Grandma Fuller who makes various princess play dresses for them to use. This one is a little big but Grandma Fuller can make it right. How can I compete with princess dresses! I am giving Sydney piano lessons.

It doesn't matter what size box we happen to get in the mail, big boy, our cat has to use it as a nap.

Once the heat let up some, we've had a final push from the garden with some extra produce. Our peppers have outdone themselves and I have made the most delicious pepper relish.

I have been planting various types of baby greens in the greenhouse and picked this yesterday! It made the best salad!

That catches me up for the highlights!

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