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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kerr's Creek Massacre

An area our ancestors settled was called Kerr's Creek (A local told me the Scotch Irish pronunciation is Cars).They settled here about the 1730s. It amazes me how they found a place to settle in this forest covered country.However, tragedy struck them twice during the French and Indian War.The Indians hit this area twice. In 1758, they attacked and killed James Gay's wife, Jean Warwick when she went into the woods to gather the cows.Again in 1764, the Indians struck again. This time, James Gay's sister Eleanor Gay who was married to William Kinkaid was captured by the Indians along with her two children near the source of the Big Calf pasture river. Her two year old son was killed by the Indians when he could not keep up with them on the trail. They lived with the Indians for several months until the Boquet Expedition came and rescued them and others.After the Revolutionary war, these families left this area and settled near Lexington, Kentucky.

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