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Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Fall Garden

Here’s a picture of our upper garden with fall plantings! You can see our 8 foot okra at the back.  With the cooler weather and shorter sunlight, I think it is about done.

Here’s one of the beds wit hour oldest broccoli plants.  I haven’t seen heads yet but the plants are huge and beautiful.   Our four beds of strawberries still need to have the runners clipped back.  They are beautiful!  We planted those four beds last fall and had some beautiful strawberries this spring.

Here’s our fall tomato bed.  It got started late but has set fruit.  We are going to try to cover it up if we get some frosts before it’s ready.  We do have some tomato plants in the greenhouse.

Now I’m showing  pictures are from our lower garden.  Here’s our bed of beets (closer) and carrots.  We grew beautiful carrots last spring so I’m excited about that.  If we have to, these will winter over without any problems.  At the back in the other bed are some peas.  I haven’t had a lot of luck growing green peas but I’m trying! 

 This bed shows some of our sweet potatoes.  We haven’t gotten them dug up as yet!  The hoops are for covering with plastic if we get a hard frost.

We have had a probably four bushels of peppers out of our bed of peppers.   We planted several varieties of multicolored sweet and 1-2 pablano peppers.  We may pot one or two and try to overwinter them.  We were successful last year doing that as peppers are perennials.  

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