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Monday, January 14, 2013

Already time for early Spring transplanting!

On January 5, I started some broccoli, cauliflower and letter for our early spring garden under my grow lights.  Within a week, the plants were already up and ready to be separated.

I was shocked at how many seeds germinated.  I think it was 100%  So I made some newspaper pots and separated them out.

I cleaned out or fall lettuce and placed as many in the tubes to grow as I can.  The rest I put into treys to water by hand. The other side of our greenhouse tubes is full of broccoli ready to harvest.

I was shocked that I think I have over 150 broccoli plants and a couple dozen cauliflower.  We love broccoli but I may have to give some plants away!  They are perking up quickly.  I also cleaned out our lettuce.  I had about 4-5 cuttings off of them.  Look at the roots they generated! Even the little broccoli plants were about 1" tall but had 3-8" roots already growing.

You can see one of our floating beds of lettuce still has some to harvest in the next week or two.  Otherwise, I have new lettuce starting.  We put water with organic nutrients in the bottom. . .

 We use a fish aquarium aerator in the water and put styrofoam on top where I set the plants in.  It is a great system!  You watch it grow and harvest!

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