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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Before and After Pictures of Dad's Apartment

Here's dad, finally happy in his new little home. In fact, Renetta and Richard saw him this week and he still seems to happy. He has people coming in and out and checking on him. He has nurses making sure he is taking his medicine and he's bathing twice a week. Overall, he seems pleased to have "downsized." I decided to show some before and after pictures. Having his furniture and pictures on the walls really made it his home.

Here's a from his bedroom door looking into his living room and little kitchen area. It's very interesting that he wanted to have his lamp on that table and not another one we tried to put there!Here's the entrance to his apartment. That little nick nack shelf fit perfectly and the temple on one wall and Mom's toll paintings on the other make it a great first thing to see.

Here's the after and and before picture of his TV corner. LaDonna almost put all of the pictures up herself except for some big ones that the maintence man helped with.
He settled down and was so much happier after LaDonna put things on the wall for him. These are views of his living room. The door goes into his bedroom and this is the corner for his TV.

This is another corner of his living room where we put the couch. Mary did the cute quilt on the wall for him.


  1. Wow, you guys really worked so hard and it truly shows! It was so fun to have you here! We look forward to seeing you again next summer! Love ya!

  2. It's good that everything turned out so well and that Grandpa is happy in his new place.

  3. I'm so glad that everything is working out with your dad! You all were busy bees! The apartment looks great, and I'm glad he's getting care he needs. I'm sure it makes you feel very relieved, too.