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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dad's Moving Day

The four of us put in a lot of work the last week of January moving dad into his new apartment. All in all, the move went well. He lives on the same level just in a different area of the building so we could use some dollies to move his furniture. The ward was going to give us some help but someone got the day mixed up so we moved him ourselves and the big stuff was mostly there in a couple of hours, thanks to Rich. and Mick.

Richard and Renetta came up for moving day. In fact, Renetta had planned on just spending the night Sunday night to be with us early on Monday but ended up staying with us until Thursday to help! She was such an angel. We were so tired every day but several nights we would eat and laugh and would go back to the motel and use their jacuzzi and relax. Renetta described the experience as being a leader at girls camp. You don't eat or get a lot of sleep, you cry a lot and laugh and lot and sleep with your buddies! We definitely did all of that and had some girl bonding!
It was interesting that the three of us each just went to different areas to help. Renetta mainly packed up dad's old apartment. I went through a ton of paperwork and files and LaDonna moved dad into his new place and put up all of the pictures on the walls. He truly calmed down after he saw his furniture and familiar things on the wall.

We had one tough time with dad. He got confused the first night and went to each and then came back to the old apartment. I was working in there and he came in and stopped and asked, "What in the world is going on here?" He had forgotten he had been moved to a new place even though he sat in his new apartment all day while we moved things in. I mentioned that to him and offered to take him to his new apartment but he said he wanted to sit down and rest. Then he went into the old living room that only had boxes and things strung all over. He got mad. I gently took him to his new place but he fussed all the way that he didn't want to move.

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