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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another walk through the garden!

I know this is turning into a garden tour but that has been our life this year in are "spare time" and something we really enjoy (except when it's in the 90s). We're about done with our strawberries but have some peaches about ripe. In fact, I took this picture and then picked them!

It seems like we can see our grapes get bigger every day.

One big job for Michael this week was making a bed for our blueberries. We still need to mulch them but hope they can grow like crazy for a lot more next year.

These beds are our green beans which are just about to bloom and our sweet potatoes. We also got the cane berry posts put in and wires strung. That was a hard job for Michael!

We're excited to have a fig tree that will produce this year.


  1. Your garden is incredible! Thanks for sharing all your fun photos with us!

  2. I think it's about time for the Youngs to pay the Harpers a visit... haha! :) Lookin' good.