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Friday, June 26, 2009

Dad's Moving Day and New Scooter

Michael and I just got back from a week in Oregon. We moved my 94 year old father to Monmouth, OR last week from the retirement center where he lived in Forest Grove, OR to be closer to my brother Richard and Renetta, who are his primary care takers. He did pretty good. Friday morning of the move, he got nervous and a little scared but after calming him down he did very well. We drilled him all week about where he was and his apartment number and how close Rich and Renetta are to where he lives and I think he's got that!

When I shut off his phone, the lady asked me how long he had it. I told her it was the same number I had as a child. She said she could tell it was pre-1965! I don't think we will ever have him learn a new phone number.

To lighten his day, we got him a cute yellow scooter! He loves it and can get outside and go for walks with Rich and Renetta. He got confused and thinks he has his car though! The only down side, is the day after I got home, Rich told him we were back to SC safely and he said, They came to Oregon and didn't come and see me! Oh well. . . he seems very happy with things and is eating well so I won't complain!

I have a video below with pictures of his new apartment and a video with him on his scooter.


  1. Go Grandpa! There is no stopping him now!

  2. Aw, he's so cute! It's hard to watch parents get older, though. That's good that you were able to go out there.

  3. Linda...ya done real good getting grandpa's journey all spliced into one epic adventure!!
    We sure had fun with you guys out here. I was thinking of maybe moving him again just so we could see you!!!! Na'just kidding...
    Thanks again for all your help,support, and love.