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Monday, July 27, 2009

Corn harvest

There are some things we didn't plant in our garden but I'm working to have a huge variety of vegetables and berries. We expanded our garden this year to about 750 sq feet. In fact, next year I want to branch out to an herb garden! We are about to start a greenhouse and make our garden space bigger for next year. We're going green and I guess our carbon footprint is very low without trucking and shipping food or packaging, but that's not the reason. We are eating so many varieties of vegetables and really eating healthy!

I love corn but with the high sugar content, I don't eat it very often. However, this year we decided to plant some to have a summer treat. I put about two dozen seeds in a raised bed. This variety has very small stalks so it can be planted in a small area, but yields full sized ears of corn.

I was thrilled with the outcome. This corn is perfect! We've eaten it a couple of night and I figured I have about three dozen ears.

I was able to actually put six bags in the freezer as well as have several meals to enjoy.

Even our cat loved the corn and ate as much as we could!

We also picked our first eggplant with several more to come!

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  1. I love corn, which is probably not good when I'm trying to lose weight. But I guess there are worse things to love. I'm glad you got such a good crop!

    We still need to use the eggplant you gave us. We ate a few of the tomatoes while we were at Evalissa's, but there are quite a few left yet. Thanks for sharing!