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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grapes and jelly

I harvested all of our grapes today. Last year, we almost gave up on the grape vine we had but decided to try to really water and fertilize it to get it through last year. We set it up with supports and it really grew. Earlier this year, it was full of clusters of grapes for the first time ever. They were so sweet tasting. After a week of enjoying them, we decided they were about ripe and needed to be harvested.

These are the grapes after I took them off the vines and put them in the steam juicer. I steamed the grapes in a juicer I've had for probably 20 years and hadn't used in 15! I was able to get a half gallon of juice after a couple of hours of steaming the grapes.

The end result was four pints of a pink hued grape jelly. I also have one in the fridge to eat on. It has a very light, mild grape flavor that is YUMMY!

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