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Friday, August 14, 2009

A hot summer afternoon without electricity

It's odd that last summer, the first week or so in August, we lost power in 90 degree weather for several hours ... and the same thing happened again to us yesterday. Of course, it happened in the heat of the day about 4:00 pm. We were out until about 8:00 pm. We waited awhile to see if we'd get it back but it soon became apparent it was not going to be an immediate fix! To complicate matters, I was having a RS Enrichment special interest class at my home at 6:30.

Now we've been working on preparedness for a long time. In fact when we built the house, we had it double wired to handle a switch for a generator to keep some lights on, freezer and refrigerator going.
So what did we do??? Michael kicked in our generator so we had some fans going and made it comfortable. I was able to hook up my laptop to our TV so I could use my PowerPoint presentation! We had a good class and in the middle of it, the regular lights came back on. Some sisters hadn't realized we were powerless!


  1. Mom that is so cool. Did you ever figure out why the power went out?

  2. That has got to be the coolest example of preparedness I've ever heard. :)

  3. Way awesome- if a disaster happens, I guess we will fill our handcart and head to SC. :o>