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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playing Grandma

I've had a lot of fun playing with three of my precious grandchildren while I've been in Florida awaiting the birth of baby Katie. I got here in time to see the first soccer practice and then games for Andrew and Matthew. This is Andrew's first year and you can see the joy and excitement on his face. When they lined up and were told where to stand, at first he kept standing there after the ball was kicked but he finally got into the game. He actually scored two goals in his first game.

Matthew's game was after Andrew's. He's a good little player and very aggressive but it was hot by the time he played and he got sick from the heat and didn't get to finish his game.

On our last day, I got some giant bubble swords for a party. They had fun running around the back yard making huge bubbles.

Four year old Andrew got the hang of blowing the bubbles that we about as big as he was!

They also enjoyed swimming in their little pool. It's quite warm and muggy here in the afternoons so it is a welcome relief so they can be outside. Rains have come almost daily the time I've been here.

Maggie's 8th birthday is on Monday the 31st so I got her a present and a Disney cake and some ice cream for our party.

I have to say life will be much quieter when I get home. I have been able to work from here but am looking forward to getting home to my sweetie! We plan on coming back in another two weeks over Labor Day weekend so we can be here for Maggie's baptism and Kathyrn's blessing.

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