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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dad has moved again!

We took a short video of dad's birthday and I thought I'd post it for family and friends!

The day after I got back to South Carolina, he had a fire in his apartment by putting his wallet into the microwave to dry it. . . . so the place felt he needed more care and we had to move him. We were pretty discouraged. Renetta and Rich (my heroes) went to see a place that had a higher level of care area but it was a small placed all locked up and the people were not very communicative to each other. We felt bad as dad is a lot higher functioning than that. So she felt impressed to look at another place near Salem, Oregon about 15 miles from their home. It was beautiful with a view of Mt. Hood from the window and a lot of trees. It all fell into place like he was supposed to be there and it was actually cheaper than where he was and after an evaluation they did not think dad needed to be in a higher level of care . . . just not have the use of a microwave!

Renetta got some movers to help her and Rich kept dad busy last Monday and they moved him into his new place and had pictures up before he even knew he was moving. It's all worked out. Here's a preview of his new place:
and view of Mt. Hood from his living room window:
and a view of Salem:
He seems happy with his new home and doesn't realize he's moved away from Forest Grove. He always loved to travel and when mom and dad retired, they traveled a lot around the US. I guess moving three times in a year is his 2010 version of traveling!


  1. I'm sure the microwave thing made perfect sense to him, though. :) Glad he's doing well. That is a beautiful view!

  2. Oh I'm so glad that things have worked out. I was worried. I loved the video. You're dad is so cute! He has an incredible view from his apartment! I'm jealous!

  3. Thank you for posting this! I loved seeing the video. We would have been there if we could have but the pictures and video are second best.