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Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 2010 garden

One reason I haven't blogged as much this month is the garden! It's keeping us very busy but we're having great payoffs! Our strawberries are almost over but we've picked 70 gallons and had a wonderful harvest.

We're loaded up with blackberries that are just now starting to ripen. Our blueberries are right behind.

Here's the older part of our garden beds. The tomatoes are in the back. We harvested our cauliflower and broccoli. Our earliest corn is toselling!

Here is a picture of me in the garden.

And Michael working in the garden.

Here are the new beds we've built. As soon as we build and fill them with soil, we've been planting!

We have four more to build but the new beds are already producing squash and cucumbers!

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  1. Lookin' amazing as always! So jealous of your garden goodness.