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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Who would think that these two adorable, calm, furballs would be causing me such anxiety and stress!

Last Monday night, we were relaxing in the living when suddenly Michael yelled, "Cover your eyes." I did so as I heard squealing by something and running around by the cats . . . of course right behind my chair. Of course, that set off screaming by me in the process (I have a terrible fear of mice and thought they had brought one in alive.)

Michael maneuvered me into the bedroom and shut the door. After a long time with Michael and the cats in the living, he finally came in to tell me that they had brought in a small rabbit to play with in the living room. With the commotion the rabbit ran and hid and he couldn't find it! He was hoping the cats would find it for him.

No sign of the rabbit, except Michael found a dead one outside. Now . . fast forward to Wednesday. I was working and just about the time Michael came in from school I again heard squealing from behind my chair. Yes, once again there was a rabbit in the house. Same process repeated. The rabbit dashed behind the TV. No more signs of the rabbit. Is it still in the house??????

I guess our mighty cat hunters are trying to please us or maybe feel they are protecting our lettuce in the garden from the little furry creatures.

I don't want my living room to become a wildlife refuge! How do you teach a cat to leave the hunting to outside and not play with their prey in the house???

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  1. I'll let you know when I figure it out. Italics has been known to bring birds and mice-- alive and dead, respectively-- into the house.

    Hope your nerves survive until you get it out of there!!