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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Garden update

The weather has been amazing lately. We've lost the humidity and the days are milder and it's been beautiful (even though a bit dry). I thought I'd take a stroll out in the garden for an update.

Believe it or not, this is our asparagus. Some of it is now two years old so I expect a good cutting in the spring. Once established, Asparagus will live for 25 years or more!

The three beds on the left are broccoli and cauliflower. We also have planted onions, carrots and beets in here as well as a few heads of cabbage. Our okra and peppers are still producing and in fact having a comeback since it's cooled a little.

Here's our green beans that are just blooming. The plants look so green and lucious. Our fall tomatoes are on the right and just starting to produce.

These containers hold about six tomatoes and four eggplant and a pepper plant that will soon go into the greenhouse with drip irrigation.

We put the greenhouse floor in last week and are working this weekend on some tables and plumbing for our hydroponics.


  1. Wow, I'm always so impressed (and a little jealous) at all the wonderful work you do outside! I just ripped up our sunflowers today and hope to plant some beans or snow peas along the front fence. I saved all those sturdy sunflower stalks and might make a teepee for Caleb with them!

  2. This is making me hungry! The greenhouse is coming right along.