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Monday, September 20, 2010

War with the Beavers!

Our ordeal with the beavers is far from over. We bought some spray that was supposed to be a deterent and it worked for a little while. . . but they are determined.

They have taken all five peach trees, two plum and now our Nectarine.

Here's the nectarine. This is the first time that they actually cut the tree down and left it there. It stayed there for three days but last night they came back and finished taking it to their home.

I have researched what to do. I found some things on line that sounded like a solution only to order it and have it never delivered! Thanks to Paypal we got our money back. I have heard the best thing to do it to make a fence around the trees. Today we finished fencing up what is left. I hope this works. We've ordered some more trees but we have to make sure we can keep the beavers off! Anyone got other ideas except shooting them?


  1. That is just so crazy. I wish you success in your war with the beavers!

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  3. I had a typo in the last comment...anyway...when I told Todd how many trees you've lost, he just said, "Good grief! Get out your gun!" But human hair is supposed to deter deer and rabbits...maybe it would work with beavers?