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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Greenhouse progress!

Michael and I are really having fun with our greenhouse and experimenting with different ways to grow things. We put a lot of things in containers including radishes, beets and carrots. Here's are carrots coming up great! I discovered I loved beets and we finished up one container and have started a second one.

Our hydroponic tube plants have just grown huge and wonderful. Here's a broccoli head that I am going to cut tomorrow. I think we will have several good things coming over the next three to four weeks from the tube grown food.

I'm really excited about our grapes and how well they are all growing. We have six grape vines now growing. Look at all of the baby grapes! Each little nodule is actually a future clump of grapes.

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  1. That's exciting Linda! Thanks for always updating us. You don't even know how much we have learned about gardening and how much we've used your information for our family.