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Monday, May 16, 2011

Cats trying to please me!

These are our cats, Big Boy and Little Girl. We have had them 10 and 13 years but they really are Michael's cats and they just tolerate me. This past weekend Michael went to Alabama to help with the tornado clean up. Saturday night I was working on our strawberries sitting in my chair when Little Girl brought inside a big mouse in her mouth, still alive. Now, I have a terrible phobia of all things rodent! I thought I was being calm when I put down the strawberry bowl and jumped up and opened the French doors trying to persuade her to take it outside. Of course she dropped it and it ran to under my chair. I had to run to the bedroom to shut the door and call Ryan for help. He graciously came over and started looking for the mouse. He moved furniture but could not find it! I opened my door and there by my door was Little Girl and the now dead mouse. Thank Heavens! Ryan was there and took the Mouse out of the house. While we were sitting talking in the living room, Ryan looked down on the carpet and saw a dead bird. He also removed it for me.

Two years ago, Michael had a conference in San Francisco and they brought in a mouse and put it in front of the stove. Why do these furry pets think they need to earn my love whenever Michael happens to go out of town without me?

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  1. Hahaha! I love it. Not the part where you were scared, but the great generosity of your kitties. :) Our kitty Italics has brought a live bird and a dead mouse into the house. Glad Ryan was there to help you in your hour of need.