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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Early Harvest

Here is a picture of our upper garden. Yes, we are still building more raised beds! You can see how Michael set up a way to tie up our tomatoes. It's survived some storms so far! We are heavily mulching everything so keep the moisture to the plants and protect them from the heat, which we need since it was 97 today!

We started some tomato seeds in January so we had some nice plants ready to plant outside the first of May. They really have set fruit.

We have some almost ready. Many of these are over a pound and I wanted to pick one for dinner but Michael prevailed on me to wait another day or two! We have never had tomatoes by the first of June before!

We wintered over our onions and they have done really well. Here is the last of them (not as big as the first ones we pulled up). It's probably about half of the onions we harvested.

Our grape vines are just full and look so healthy. We have added three more vines to our grape arbor so we are hoping in future years to have a good harvest.

Our Marion Berries and Blackberries are just beginning to turn. They too look full of berries and so healthy. This is the first year of our Marion Berries.

In fact, here is the first picking of them today.

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