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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In memory of Big Boy April,1997-April 17, 2012

Our beloved pet, Big Boy died after declining for the past month. We had Big Boy since he was about six weeks old and he had been with us for 15 years.

As a young kitten, he was very sociable and stayed that way throughout his life. When just a kitten, he would play hide and seek with Adam. He would actually tag Adam and then run and Adam would chase him and tag him back. He was happiest when he was around family and thought he owned the house!

He was a very gentle cat. As the grandchildren were very young, he would lay down so they could pet him and endured many hair pulling without lashing back at the children.

He loved packages arriving at the house. He thought those empty boxes were sent just for him.

Of course his favorite person in the world was his dad! If he heard the garage door open, he would go to the back door and wait to greet Michael almost every day. If Michael was sitting in the living room, Big Boy thought his place was on his lap.

In the summer time, he loved to eat cantaloupe with Michael. He loved the rinds and when we brought in a cantaloupe, he would cry until he had a piece.

The last month we made a kitty hospice for him in the house. For a couple of weeks, he wanted to be in the living room closet but the last couple of weeks, we made him comfortable in my office under my desk. We tried to make sure he had water and offered him food but he just refused to eat and gradually declined. He still would try to meet Michael when he came home but became very wobbly on his feet as he weakened.

We thought we were ready for the day of his death but yesterday was a hard day, especially for Michael. Michael prepared his grave and wrapped him up in one of his shirts. If Michael had a shirt on the bed, Big Boy would always want to lay on it. Eric and the kids, Ryan, Sveta and I all joined in to say goodbye to Big Boy in our short funeral service.

You would not have asked for a better pet. We know there are pets in heaven and we hope to one day be reunited with our faithful cat.

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  1. Awww... so sorry to hear about your kitty! This made me a little teary-eyed, I guess just because it reminded me of our cats and also of a dog my family had for 15 years. I think there are pets in heaven, too. :)