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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A day at the zoo

Maggie is helping me with this blog about our day at the Brevard Zoo! It was a fun day and cool in the shade as we watched a lot of animals. As we were coming into the zoo, we got to handle a snake!

We saw a lot of beautiful birds. Maggie's favorite was the Hyacinth Macaw that could almost talk to us.

Later we went into the bird area and got to feed the rainbow colored Lorikeet. There were a lot inside but a lot of children tried to feed them.

Matthew and Maggie were able to coax several to suck nectar out of our cups.

Grandma's favorite birds were the parakeet

and the scarlet Ibis.

We saw a lot of birds of prey and this showed the wing span of some of them compared to Maggie. In fact, they had a scale that showed how fast they could pick a carcass to the bone by how much you weighed. Some could do Maggie in about two hours! Ugh!!

We got to go on a train ride around the zoo

and we were the caboose!

Afterwards we rested and goofed off while we looked at monkeys and lemurs!

Maggie learned the difference between a crocodile and an alligator! Alligators have flatter jaws and crocodiles have bumpier skin and live in Australia. While alligators live with Maggie in Florida.

Our favorite part of the day was feeding a giraffe named Raffiki! He has a long tongue that reached out and curled his tongue around our crackers!

At the end of the day, we were tired but had a great time!

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