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Saturday, January 17, 2009

My African Violet

I'm not one to have a lot of indoor plants as I have a hard time keeping them alive! About two years ago, I was given this African Violet plant that was blooming beautiful purple white flowers. After those flowers were gone, it did not bloom for almost two years. Then suddenly earlier this year, we had a bloom and now we have three! It sits in the kitchen on the counter corner with a little indirect light from the window and the fluorescent lights from the kitchen. What beauty to enjoy during the drab days of winter!


  1. Hi Linda- The first plant I DIDN'T kill was an african violet. Took about a year and half or so for it to start blooming- I guess they start blooming once they are rootbound and it takes about that long or a bit longer to do so. Mom and Amy are master african violet raisers. So... Congratulations! Love your blog-- glad to have you in my blogging world! I want to make sure to see you when you come out. Love, Megan

  2. I absolutely LOVE african violets. Once upon a time I had a huge collection, with blooms of every color imaginable. Yours looks so healthy and nice!