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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amanda's baby shower!

Michael and I made it to Provo just in time for me to get there for Amanda's baby shower. One of her friends had it for her in her little basement apartment. It was fun and we even played a few games! Amanda is in the white blouse and Caprise (Adam's wife) is in the green.

Amanda's family, the Lundy's had a great idea! They each picked out a children's book, wrote a note to baby Harper in the front and then separately wrapped them up in a box for her. They even had one or two books in Spanish with the English version . . . maybe a bilingual baby boy?!

Caprise used her talents to crochet a baby blanket that is darling! Adam helped her pick out the colors and so they chose Cougar Blue! She tried to surprise Amanda but I think Amanda came into their apartment when she was working on it (they live next door to each other).

Of course baby harper had to try on some of his new outfits that he got! I think they will fit!
Beth came to the shower!!! For those who do not know Beth, she is from Duncan, my partner Rachel's daughter and I have known her since birth. She made a darling diaper cake that was the hit of the shower. After the shower while Caprise and the guys went to a basketball game, Amanda and I went to visit Beth and see her apartment and meet her roommate.

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