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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The motel room!

Here's our luxurious motel room. I'm glad we don't have to pay for it! This is the deep bathtub with the flat screen TV in the wall.

The whole bathroom is done in marble and leather on the walls. If you look in the mirror you can see the shower.

Of course the room also has a big flat screen TV in there. They have food and drinks on the drawers and it says if you pick it up for more than 45 seconds they will charge the item to your tab!
The bed and lighting are wonderful. There is even a bose acoustic wave radio to use! Getting on the internet is a little weird. You'd think they would make it easy but they don't and you have to go through their own website and ads!
Here's Michael at our door. After the long hall, every room entrance is in a little hall for more privacy.


  1. Hey, Aunt Linda! I found your bloggy goodness. You are so awesome. I'll have to send you an invitation to ours.

  2. Very Swanky! I hope you took a bath in that beautiful tub!