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Monday, April 26, 2010

BYU Graduation Day

Congratulations to the three Harper BYU Graduates!

Caprise, Todd and Amanda all graduated last Thursday and Friday from BYU! What a great achievement.

I love Caprise's smile, glasses and purse in her picture! She got her Master's in Geology. She also had some secret compartments in her sleeves of her gown.

Todd got his Bachelor's in IT. He will start his new job with Omniture which is located in Orem so they will not have to move! He is hoping to work on his Master's Degree in IT. Amanda received her Bachelor's in English. Little Caleb should also get a degree as he went to school his first year of life and was very cooperative for the most part to make graduation happen.

Isn't Caprise happy! From the Michael Harper family and spouses, we now have 10 BYU graduates with 13 degrees!

Amanda's dad Brian came for the big event as well. Caleb's not too sure about Brian kissing his mom!