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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday progress

We had an absolutely beautiful weekend. It was in the 70s, with not much humidity. We were able to build four more beds. We plan on a total of 16 raised beds and now have eight finished but we still have to fill them!

We have more supplies for the soil, which is a mixture of mushroom compost, peat moss and vermiculite. I plan on getting several filled with some plants before we go to Utah for Todd, Amanda and Caprise's graduation. When we are done, we plan on mulching the walkways.

I guess our neighbors don't like our greenhouse and gardening expanse. Last year they put a 16' fence up to hide the back of our house (although we can still see them from the deck). While we were working, they were building another 16' of fencing to hide their view of our new garden. I'll admit it hasn't been pretty there but it soon will be! Oh, well they don't have a bit of garden and like a showy house so we are quite different.
I just had to add the lilac tree we have. We've debated about cutting it down because it's been a mess and mostly on the ground instead of a small tree but I did a lot of cutting it back so I'm hopeful we can have it look pretty and not be a hassle to mow around! It's pretty now and sure smells good!

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