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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sveta got her VISA!!!!

Sveta went to Moscow this week and had her physical and interview at the US Embassy. This took all week. She took a 24 hour train trip on Tuesday and came back Friday night/Saturday. She got her patriarchal blessing while she was there and did get to do a little bit of sight seeing. It was her first time in Moscow. At the embassy, she was asked some questions and fingerprinted and then was told she had her VISA!

We talked through Skype with her yesterday after she got back. The plan is for her to get things organized and pack up what she can bring and then come the first of October and they are planning to be married in the Columbia SC Temple on November, 11, 2011! Everyone help make her welcome!

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  1. Hoooooray! That is so exciting. Congrats to her!