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Monday, August 8, 2011

We are going solar!

Michael and I decided that we wanted to go solar as much as possible so we invested in a 8 KW solar system for the house. The past two weeks, Michael and our friend Bob Libby have been installing it.

I have to admit, it makes me very nervous to see them up on the roof. They installed the rails that hold panels and did all of the wiring they needed for the rooftop part before putting on any panels.

Eric and Ryan came to help move the panels from the garage to the roof. We have a total of 30 panels but they installed 9 on Saturday.

It took a while lining them up but they think it will now go a lot faster once they have done this first set.

Here is the panel that the wiring will go to and convert the power and below these we will have the large batteries that will be charged and store.

When it is done, we will have Duke Power hook it up to the grid so when we have extra power, they will buy it from us and we will use what we need instead of their power. If the power goes out, we will have our batteries capped and can use it without being on the grid! We figure we will probably be able to almost run the house except for the air conditioning!

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