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Monday, January 18, 2010

Collards in January

After several weeks of freezing cold weather even in the daytime, we had a really nice Saturday in the 50s. I used the day to do some pruning on our fruit trees and also looking to see if anything was still living in the garden. We have some carrots still in the ground and I decided to get the rest of the collards, which survived many days below 32 without too much loss.

It was quite a job to wash them all and chop them up. I'm sure glad to have my food processor to help the job!

Maybe I've learned how to cook them like the south. I had a ham bone left over from Christmas and used some spices with it. I pressured them for about 30 minutes and they went down in half.

Since I had so many, I decided to put a big bowl in the fridge and then I canned the rest. This is my third or fourth picking and cooking the leaves off of them! It's amazing how many collards we had on just 6 plants

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  1. Faye likes collards, but I haven't dared try them because I've always been afraid they'd be too much like cooked spinach (blecch!). But you make them sound good!