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Monday, January 25, 2010

Dad's 95th party

Last Thursday was dad's big day for his birthday. We took him up to Forest Grove for his party. Doesn't he look good. I doubt if I even live that long, that I will look that good. I think we had about 45 people come to see him. He just loved seeing long-term friends and knew everyone.

Dad's short-term memory may be 2-3 minutes but he does know his family and friends, which is a blessing. When LaDonna and I walked in he didn't act surprised at having us there but Renetta takes such great care of him that he knows our love through him.

Rich and Renetta have done wonderful with dad and Renetta loves to tease back and forth with him and get him to tell stories from his past.

Dad has a quirk about going to dinner and bringing back sugar packets. He doesn't remember doing it and so he keeps doing it. I was surprised to see sugar packets in his medicine cabinet. . .

or in his kitchen cabinets. He does have a sweet tooth and Renetta keeps him supplied with goodies.

We were lucky to be able to meet Mick and Mary for lunch on Saturday. Our two hour lunch was really enjoyable and relaxing.

After days and days of rain we had two great days and one morning we walked and even saw Mt. Hood! I do love seeing my mountains so it was great to get a peak.

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  1. Happy birthday to your dad! He does look good for 95. That's funny about the sugar packets... I'll probably do that if I live to be 95. :)

    Also, I love the picture of Mt. Hood.