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Monday, May 18, 2009

Bread of Life and Strawberry jam!

Tomorrow for Relief Society Enrichment we are doing a theme of the Bread of Life and strawberry jam. I've worked up a bread demonstration with the bread ingredients pointing to the Savior. I'm really excited to teach this and how it came out. We are also teaching how to make strawberry jam from some gallons of my strawberries so everyone can take a cup of jam home with them. I want each sister to be able to take home some bread also so today I got busy and did six batches of bread and made 42 small loaves for them to take home and three large loafs for us to eat tomorrow night with some fresh jam. I have to admit that we had to eat one of the small loaves as the smell got to me!

I went out and got a few of my canterbury bells to bring inside for some flowers. I planted these last year and they never bloomed but this year they are so pretty!

I think our rose hedge is about at its peak so I took another quick shot!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of bread! That must have taken forever. Those ladies are lucky to have someone like you in charge.

    Gorgeous flowers!

  2. Mmmm.. that bread looks yum-O. I would love to try out your recipe- making bread has to be one of my most favorite domestic activities. :o)