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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Harvest time

We're still picking strawberries. Here is my harvest from today, almost 4 gallons. So far this year, we've picked 22 gallons of berries. I also picked our first three zucchini squash today and some of our spinach. We've had more than normal rain for May and things are growing great. We're currently building a fence to put in the middle of our raised bed with tomatoes in them so they can be tied up. We realized that this spring we've built 8 new raised beds. I hope to get some garden pictures by the end of the week.


  1. Everybody has grown so much since we were last out there! Christmas will be so much fun :)

    And when you post pictures of the garden later, can you post one of the grapes? I always thought those were fun to watch grow.

  2. Linda....I took a breather and thought it was high time I looked at some blogs...which I have not done in weeks...
    My gosh..Your garden is soooo beautiful. You are so inspiring...