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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's heaven with Grandkids

Need I say more than I had a wonderful weekend with 6 out of my 7 1/2 sweet little grandchildren!

The group hug was a tradition we did when our boys were little. We would do a group hug after family prayer and FHE. My favorite one was the time we took Todd to the temple before his mission. For the first time, all of my children were with us in the temple. We did a group hug in the Celestial room. That felt like payback from all of the years of raising our boys!

We played games, bubbles, read stories, picked strawberries, talked, hugged and the boys got to go to the father & son outing while the girls and I (and Bonnie) had fun at a mother and daughter party. In fact, the brave little boys all slept in a small tent together while the adult guys slept in our Harper Hotel.

All weekend, they all played so well together without a single fight! They all hated to have the weekend over. Maggie called when she got home to tell us they were there safe and sound and asked me how far away August was! We'll be coming the end of the month for her baptism and the new baby.

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