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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Raised beds

Last year we were able to resurrect a grape vine we had planted the year before and got it healthy. We didn't get any grapes off it last year but look at the little clusters this year!
We have it training on a wire and even planted a couple of more to soon train into a grape arbor. This is exciting!

Our big project this year is to expand our gardening. Since we have a steep slope in the yard, we have become fans of raised beds and plan on planting most of our garden in them from here on out. Here are some new beds we just did last week and last night! We have sweet potatoes in one, tomatoes in one, and cucumbers and squash in one. So far so good! We are filling them half full of our garden soil and then adding composted cow manure and peat moss and mixing it all together.
Here are the berries and how beautiful they look. We have picked 7 gallons of berries of the strawberry plants in the past week and our raspberries, blackberries and boysenberries are blooming!

I guess we are green for the planet with our organic gardening of most of our fruits and vegetables.


  1. That is way cool! I am envious of all the gardening you do.

  2. This is awesome! Nothing better than fresh veggies from your own garden.

  3. Awesome!! You two must spend TONS of time out in the garden!! I wish I had your green thumb!