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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Harper's Garden of Eden

We've had a week of almost unending rain but the garden for the most part has loved it! It was fun to get out and see how things are growing and work in the garden on Friday. We had a late freeze in April but it looks like we will have several apples and peaches this year! The buckets are used to water the trees and a deep plug filled with holes going into the ground.

This is a picture of our winter squash, zucchini squash and melon bed! We picked our first squash yesterday.

You can see some of our butternut squash starting to form. We have about four different winter squash varieties that I'm trying out this year!

Boy if our grapes continue to make, we will have a ton! We have two new grape vines we started last fall. One of Michael's honey do jobs is to finish a grape arbor.

Michael made a tomato/bean trellis to put in the middle of our raised beds. We can easily take it down and move it to other beds from year to year. He was half-way putting it up and we had a TERRIBLE thunderstorm on Thursday with high winds. It was bad enough to have some trees down in the area and our trellis, not being finished and anchors was a casualty. I fretted that our beautiful tomato plants would be damaged. They were down but not out! We still have to finish the trellis for the other bed. I think next year I'd like to try pole beans and cucumbers on a trellis!

Here's a view of the garden from the bottom up. We now have 20 raised beds, seven which are newly built this spring! We have nine with strawberries and three with blackberries, raspberries and boysenberries. The rest are for vegetables. We still have to plant in two of them. We can see making our almost acre full of lots of beds and hope to have a southern facing greenhouse which is Michael's big summer project.

Here's a view from one side overlooking the pond. Boy, I love where we live. This morning as I write we have the doors open to hear all of the various birds singing!

Here's a peach that looks like it won't be too long until this variety is ready to pick and eat!

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  1. Wow, the garden looks great! We're still waiting for our first vegetables to come up, but are awash with cilantro and basil in the meantime.